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Review: Reverso

The main objective of this review is to test and evaluate REVERSO, in order to explain what is it, how does it work, the tests I made with some paragraphs and its results, and giving between three and relevant references.


What is it?

Reverso is an online translator that also includes a dictionary web and it conjugates verbs in many languages. It translates words, sentences, texts, or a webpage, into another language. It translates words and sentences between 10 languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic, Hebrew and Japanese language). Regarding its dictionary, you can find several bilingual dictionaries in which you introduce the word and immediately it will show its translation and meaning. What’s more, it has many services like “context”, “conjugation”, “grammar” and “spell check”. Finally, this translator can be found in ELMUNDO.ES but with less services, for example, it only translates small texts and webpages in 4 languages (Spanish, English, French and German).


How does it work?

Firstly, we have to write, or copy-past, what we want to translate. Secondly, we have to select the language and click the symbol of translation, in this case “>”.

However, Reverso, like other automatic translation tools, has its problems.

Another important thing, if you have doubts you can consult “context” so you can translate something in a way that sounds natural and not confuse the words.



The main goal of this exercise is to translate three different texts from English to Spanish, check the mistakes made by the translator and make a translation corrected by myself.




  • Original text from ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE:

Flashback: Genesis Reunite With Phil Collins in 2007.

Ten years ago, the Peter Gabriel-led lineup of Genesis met in a Glasgow hotel room to discuss the idea of a reunion tour where they’d play their 1974 prog rock masterpiece The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway straight through. “It was very interesting to see everybody 30 years on,” Phil Collins told Rolling Stone in 2007. “I was still the joker. Peter was still indecisive. Steve [Hackett] was still dark. Everybody had assumed their old positions, and I think that may have sounded a warning bell to Peter.”


  • Reverso Translator:

Retroceso: La Génesis Se reune con Phil Collins en 2007.

Hace diez años, la alineación de Peter Gabriel-led de Génesis encontrada en un cuarto del hotel de Glasgow para hablar de la idea de un viaje de reunión donde ellos jugarían su 1974 prog la obra maestra de roca la Mentira de Cordero Abajo Sobre Broadway directamente por. ” Era muy interesante ver cada uno 30 años sobre, ” Phil Collins dijo el Canto rodado en 2007. ” Yo era todavía el bromista. Peter era todavía indeciso. Steve [Hackett] era todavía oscuro. Cada uno había asumido sus viejas posiciones, y pienso que puede haber tocado una campana de advertencia a Peter. ”


  • Human Translation:

Flashback: Genesis se reúne con Phil Collins en 2007.

Hace diez años, la formación de Genesis dirigida por Peter Gabriel se encontró en una habitación de hotel en Glasgow para discutir la idea de una gira de reunión donde ellos tocarían directamente su obra maestra del rock progresivo de 1974 The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway. “Fue muy interesante ver a todos 30 años después,” contó Phil Collins a Rolling Stone en 2007. “Yo todavía era el bromista. Peter aún estaba indeciso. Steve [Hackett] todavía estaba retraído. Todos habían ocupado sus antiguas posiciones, y creo que eso puede haber advertido a Peter.”




  • Original text from BBC NEWS:

Most EU states vote in European Parliament election.

Voters in most EU countries go to the polls on Sunday in the fourth and final day of European elections.

Since Thursday the UK, the Netherlands, the Republic of Ireland, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Malta and Slovakia have held elections for members of the European Parliament.

On Sunday polls are being held in the remaining 21 member states.


  • Reverso Translator:

La mayor parte de Unión Europea declara el voto en la elección de Parlamento europea.

Los votantes en la mayor parte de países de la Unión Europea van al sondea el domingo en el día cuarto y final de elecciones europeas.

Desde el jueves el Reino Unido, Países Bajos, República de Irlanda, República Checa, Letonia, Malta y Eslovaquia han sostenido elecciones para los miembros del Parlamento europeo.

El domingo sondea están siendo sostenidos en los 21 Estados miembros restantes.


  • Human Translation:

La mayoría de los estados de la UE votan en las elecciones al Parlamento Europeo.

Los votantes, en la mayoría de los países de la UE, van a las urnas el domingo, cuarto y último día de las elecciones europeas.

Desde el jueves el Reino Unido, los Países Bajos, la República de Irlanda, la República Checa, Letonia, Malta y Eslovaquia han celebrado elecciones para la elegir a los próximos miembros del Parlamento Europeo.

El domingo la votación se lleva a cabo en los 21 Estados miembros restantes.




  • Original text from EMPIRE MAGAZINE:

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Title Revealed.

After months of guesses, speculation and one reveal of Ben Affleck’s Batman in a monochrome picture, we now know the title for Zack Snyder’s Man Of Steel follow-up. Prepare yourself to visit a cinema in 2016 to see… Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice.


  • Reverso Translator:

Superhombre de V de Ordenanza: Alba de Título de Justicia Revelado.

Después de los meses de conjeturas, especulación y un marco exterior de la ventana del Ordenanza de Ben Affleck en un cuadro monocromo, ahora sabemos el título para el Hombre de Zack Snyder de continuación De acero. Prepárese para visitar un cine en 2016 para ver… Superhombre de V de Ordenanza: Alba de Justicia.


  • Human Translation:

Batman V Superman: El amanecer de la Justicia. Título Revelado.

Después de meses de conjeturas, especulaciones y una revelación del Batman de Ben Affleck en una imagen monocroma, sabemos ahora el título para la secuela de El Hombre De Acero de Zack Snyder. Prepárate para visitar una sala de cine en el año 2016 para ver… Batman V Superman: El amanecer de la Justicia.



Main mistakes made by REVERSO:

  1.      Pronouns and articles:

Most EU states vote in European Parliament election.

La mayor parte de Unión Europea declara el voto en la elección de Parlamento europea.

La mayoría de los estados de la UE votan en las elecciones al Parlamento Europeo.

  1.      Verb tenses:

the Peter Gabriel-led lineup of Genesis met in a Glasgow hotel room

la alineación de Peter Gabriel-led de Génesis encontrada en un cuarto del hotel de Glasgow

la formación de Genesis dirigida por Peter Gabriel se encontró en una habitación de hotel en Glasgow

  1.      Word order:

their 1974 prog rock masterpiece The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway straight through.

su 1974 prog la obra maestra de roca la Mentira de Cordero Abajo Sobre Broadway directamente por.

su obra maestra del rock progresivo de 1974 The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway.

  1.      Word meanings:

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

Superhombre de V de Ordenanza: Alba de Justicia.

Batman V Superman: El amanecer de la Justicia.



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Apple Inc.

Apple Inc Logo[1]

In my Web Communication Plan I will talk about Apple Inc.  because this company is one of the most importants in the world and it is praised for everybody due to its technology.

Apple Inc. is an American multinational corporation headquartered in Cupertino, California, founded on April 1, 1976, by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne.

Apple designs Macs, the best personal computers in the world, along with OS X, iLife, iWork and professional software. Apple leads the digital music revolution with its iPods and iTunes online store. Apple has reinvented the mobile phone with its revolutionary iPhone and App Store, and is defining the future of mobile media and computing devices with iPad.

The company Apple has 394 retail stores in fourteen countries, thousands of distributors (mainly premium distributors or Apple Premium Resellers) and online stores (Apple Store and iTunes Store) that sells their products and provides technical assistance.

Apart of having an official webpage, it also has accounts in Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Linkedin.

In my opinion Apple Inc. is a great company and it will be always among the most important companies of the world. Although Steve Jobs is dead, it will follow innovating and creating new products.


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Shop Strategy Post


I own a video game store in a small town where my business failed to take off. I have exhausted all traditional methods of promotion (press, radio, and television) and therefore I decided to promote it through social media and a blog with a select catalog of my products, as they are the latest trend in advertising. Many people use them, and several companies promote their items through them, as they are important channels of communication and

Using social media to promote a new business is not just something extremely effective but, also, it can become a marketing tool at low cost.

Today there are various social networks, there are known as Facebook or Twitter, or specialized in a business area or a specific profile such as LinkedIn, a social network aimed at professionals.

A video game store may have a great website or blog, but if no one finds it, it will get nothing. One way to be known is to use Social Media Marketing. There are many sites dedicated to social media, although with different approaches: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc…

youtube-logo-HQ[1] facebook_logo[1]      Twitter_logo[1]      LinkedIn[1]

All the video game stores have on their webpage catalogs, videos, ads, offers, and a classification of games based on sales, opinions from users, gender … They also have a program for ordering and picking up games in the same store.

I will reveal the best ways to promote my video game store in social networks:

1. Having my own blog. This seems to be very obvious but most businesses or blogger-logo[1]independent professionals don’t have or can’t use it. A blog is an excellent opportunity to connect with my customers, and become an expert in the field. Furthermore, this implies constantly publishing articles about the needs of the public, the problems of the sector, the solutions that provides my business and/or product, etc. A blog is a perfect opportunity to get closer to my customers.

Comments[1]2. Comment on other blogs of the same topic or complementary. Blogging involves building relationships with other members of the blogosphere, participate in conversations. That requires a little research and sees other blogs related to my store, to participate giving my opinions.


3. Create a “Fan Page” on Facebook. Facebook is the ultimate social network, and most users reviewed at least 4 times a week their account. So, having a “Fan Page” will help me to get followers that are interested in my store, my products and very probably to buy something I recommend or I have.

4.Have a Twitter account. Twitter is a microblogging application that combines the advantages of blogs, social networks and instant messaging. This new form of communication allows businesses and professionals to keep in touch in real time with people of interest, so it helps me get closer to my followers and customers. It’s recommended that when someone forward one of my Tweets, I will put a message thanking him/her, he/she will feel gratified and will be more prone to return to forward one of my messages. Using Twitter intelligently can open me doors and generate relationships that can eventually cause me tremendous benefits in my business. Finally, I think it’s positive develop groups in Twitter, gathering those people who like a certain game or genre together, offering news, links, demos, latest news… All this can help me to get some good comments about my brand, providing an incentive for microblogging and improving my reputation.


youtube-annotations[1]5. Use video as a viral marketing tool. YouTube has a large percentage of Internet traffic, which goes on constantly increasing due to the growing preference for video consumption rather than other types of content. Video cameras are becoming cheaper, I don’t need to be a filmmaker to make a short video demonstrating my knowledge, and even a short video can be very effective from the point of view of viral marketing.account-and-settings-3[1]

6. Create an account on LinkedIn. If I want to position myself as a professional expert in the field, LinkedIn is an excellent social network that will help me achieve this. I have to create a user profile that indicates and shows all my skills, and especially interact in the groups that I enroll, recommend to people and ask for recommendations.

7. Create in different Internet networks a short biography about my company, always indicating what the goal is and pointing out my services, products and offers. In the biography there will have the logo of the store, the location, many images of the interior, employers’ photos…

8. Have an excellent sales plan. You must take the following variables into account: the location should reflect a modern image, showcases must offer the whole supply available to the customer clearly; the staff must transmit professionalism, the customer appreciates that attends him/her an expert, able to advise; carry out promotions and seasonal gifts; an advertising (home delivery of publicity material through the area where the business is located; local brochure about monthly specials; Yellow Pages, etc.); doing surveys from time to time to know what customers want.

Video game stores have to exist and will exist for a long time because there are people who don’t want or don’t know buy online, and don’t trust its service. Parents, uncles, grandparents… all these people need and prefer for the close relationship with the customer, a store where to go and ask for a game to use or give. Social networks will attract customers from anywhere, as it promotes everything that can provide the store and that’s a great help for business development. I think using social media with the same idea they were created, in other words, to establish a dialogue with our customers, it’s vital for commercial development, we don’t want to see consumers but people who interact with us for our growth.



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Blogger’s code of conduct post

The main purpose of this post is to talk about codes of Blogger’s Code of Conduct. The challenges that have suffered the developer and blogger Kathy Sierra on her own blog Creating Passionate Users has raised a very interesting discussion about the contents that other users post on their own blog.

Tim O’Reilly, of the publishing O’Reilly, and Jim Wales, founder of Wikipedia, raise the Blogger’s Code of Conduct for solving the sick behavior of users in the comments and forums of the blogs. Tim O’Reilly wrote an article that summarizes what might be called a blogger code of conduct in cases of conflict. Also, it served as a first attention call to the blogger world to develop a “culture blogger” based on respect for freedom but also respect for others.


Kathy Sierra                        Tim O’Reilly                                  Jim Wales

Here there are the proposals to manage your blog or to make a comment in a blog:

We must establish a policy of tolerance in the comments, avoid anonymous comments (to avoid this, some measures like ordering a valid email address or implantation of openID will help to prevent anonymity), ignore trolls, avoid arguments with empty people who dedicate to create tension in conversations, sometimes you have to find a way to create direct communication channels when there are discussions in the public field that have to be developed in a private field, report the person who posted a comment that constitutes a threat or any other crime, and finally, in moments of anger or frustration you need to ask yourself, would you say this if that person was in front of me right now?

In conclusion, the code of conduct will not be of expected fulfilment for bloggers, but it will mark a series of good advisable practices, like a quality standard. If the blog announces that have resource to this code of conduct, people who get into to comment will already know with what rules do it. Another point that I think is a bit ambiguous, is the theme of anonymity, because in countries where there is repression is important to have a space where citizens express themselves without the risk of reprisal.


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An article with PDF

Here we are an article about Videogames

Breve HistoriaDe Los Videojuegos

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First picture


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Trying tags

This is an exercise with Tags.

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