Blogger’s code of conduct post

The main purpose of this post is to talk about codes of Blogger’s Code of Conduct. The challenges that have suffered the developer and blogger Kathy Sierra on her own blog Creating Passionate Users has raised a very interesting discussion about the contents that other users post on their own blog.

Tim O’Reilly, of the publishing O’Reilly, and Jim Wales, founder of Wikipedia, raise the Blogger’s Code of Conduct for solving the sick behavior of users in the comments and forums of the blogs. Tim O’Reilly wrote an article that summarizes what might be called a blogger code of conduct in cases of conflict. Also, it served as a first attention call to the blogger world to develop a “culture blogger” based on respect for freedom but also respect for others.


Kathy Sierra                        Tim O’Reilly                                  Jim Wales

Here there are the proposals to manage your blog or to make a comment in a blog:

We must establish a policy of tolerance in the comments, avoid anonymous comments (to avoid this, some measures like ordering a valid email address or implantation of openID will help to prevent anonymity), ignore trolls, avoid arguments with empty people who dedicate to create tension in conversations, sometimes you have to find a way to create direct communication channels when there are discussions in the public field that have to be developed in a private field, report the person who posted a comment that constitutes a threat or any other crime, and finally, in moments of anger or frustration you need to ask yourself, would you say this if that person was in front of me right now?

In conclusion, the code of conduct will not be of expected fulfilment for bloggers, but it will mark a series of good advisable practices, like a quality standard. If the blog announces that have resource to this code of conduct, people who get into to comment will already know with what rules do it. Another point that I think is a bit ambiguous, is the theme of anonymity, because in countries where there is repression is important to have a space where citizens express themselves without the risk of reprisal.


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