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I own a video game store in a small town where my business failed to take off. I have exhausted all traditional methods of promotion (press, radio, and television) and therefore I decided to promote it through social media and a blog with a select catalog of my products, as they are the latest trend in advertising. Many people use them, and several companies promote their items through them, as they are important channels of communication and

Using social media to promote a new business is not just something extremely effective but, also, it can become a marketing tool at low cost.

Today there are various social networks, there are known as Facebook or Twitter, or specialized in a business area or a specific profile such as LinkedIn, a social network aimed at professionals.

A video game store may have a great website or blog, but if no one finds it, it will get nothing. One way to be known is to use Social Media Marketing. There are many sites dedicated to social media, although with different approaches: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc…

youtube-logo-HQ[1] facebook_logo[1]      Twitter_logo[1]      LinkedIn[1]

All the video game stores have on their webpage catalogs, videos, ads, offers, and a classification of games based on sales, opinions from users, gender … They also have a program for ordering and picking up games in the same store.

I will reveal the best ways to promote my video game store in social networks:

1. Having my own blog. This seems to be very obvious but most businesses or blogger-logo[1]independent professionals don’t have or can’t use it. A blog is an excellent opportunity to connect with my customers, and become an expert in the field. Furthermore, this implies constantly publishing articles about the needs of the public, the problems of the sector, the solutions that provides my business and/or product, etc. A blog is a perfect opportunity to get closer to my customers.

Comments[1]2. Comment on other blogs of the same topic or complementary. Blogging involves building relationships with other members of the blogosphere, participate in conversations. That requires a little research and sees other blogs related to my store, to participate giving my opinions.


3. Create a “Fan Page” on Facebook. Facebook is the ultimate social network, and most users reviewed at least 4 times a week their account. So, having a “Fan Page” will help me to get followers that are interested in my store, my products and very probably to buy something I recommend or I have.

4.Have a Twitter account. Twitter is a microblogging application that combines the advantages of blogs, social networks and instant messaging. This new form of communication allows businesses and professionals to keep in touch in real time with people of interest, so it helps me get closer to my followers and customers. It’s recommended that when someone forward one of my Tweets, I will put a message thanking him/her, he/she will feel gratified and will be more prone to return to forward one of my messages. Using Twitter intelligently can open me doors and generate relationships that can eventually cause me tremendous benefits in my business. Finally, I think it’s positive develop groups in Twitter, gathering those people who like a certain game or genre together, offering news, links, demos, latest news… All this can help me to get some good comments about my brand, providing an incentive for microblogging and improving my reputation.


youtube-annotations[1]5. Use video as a viral marketing tool. YouTube has a large percentage of Internet traffic, which goes on constantly increasing due to the growing preference for video consumption rather than other types of content. Video cameras are becoming cheaper, I don’t need to be a filmmaker to make a short video demonstrating my knowledge, and even a short video can be very effective from the point of view of viral marketing.account-and-settings-3[1]

6. Create an account on LinkedIn. If I want to position myself as a professional expert in the field, LinkedIn is an excellent social network that will help me achieve this. I have to create a user profile that indicates and shows all my skills, and especially interact in the groups that I enroll, recommend to people and ask for recommendations.

7. Create in different Internet networks a short biography about my company, always indicating what the goal is and pointing out my services, products and offers. In the biography there will have the logo of the store, the location, many images of the interior, employers’ photos…

8. Have an excellent sales plan. You must take the following variables into account: the location should reflect a modern image, showcases must offer the whole supply available to the customer clearly; the staff must transmit professionalism, the customer appreciates that attends him/her an expert, able to advise; carry out promotions and seasonal gifts; an advertising (home delivery of publicity material through the area where the business is located; local brochure about monthly specials; Yellow Pages, etc.); doing surveys from time to time to know what customers want.

Video game stores have to exist and will exist for a long time because there are people who don’t want or don’t know buy online, and don’t trust its service. Parents, uncles, grandparents… all these people need and prefer for the close relationship with the customer, a store where to go and ask for a game to use or give. Social networks will attract customers from anywhere, as it promotes everything that can provide the store and that’s a great help for business development. I think using social media with the same idea they were created, in other words, to establish a dialogue with our customers, it’s vital for commercial development, we don’t want to see consumers but people who interact with us for our growth.



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